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About Us

Our story begins in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where we met as friends and our friendship has grown and led to today: newlywed and residing in the rainforest (and summertime desert) of Portland, OR. Greg is a medivac helicopter pilot and a flight-test engineer while Beck is a Doctor of Chiropractic and yoga therapist.

We love exploring.

Backpacking, canoeing, car camping, air travel, road trips, and our newest way to adventure: camper life!

This website has been a sweet little dream since 2016, and here we are: launching our very own travel diary of sorts. This is where we’ll post re-caps of our trips, packing suggestions for our future selves and anyone else, as well as project updates.

We hope you enjoy!

camper life

One rainy weekend in November 2020

We wanted to go camping, but it was raining. We have gone winter camping in Michigan, so it was not the cold that made us hesitate. No, what made us hesitate (and ultimately stay home) was the idea of sitting in a damp tent with damp clothes and then coming home to dry out our wet gear. So we decided to find a pop up truck camper.

After months of searching, we found our first camper: a 1997 Starcraft Truck Camper. We modernized the interior and made the exterior more rugged and water-proof and then we sold her! Now we are on to our second camper: an [as of yet nameless] Alaskan.