Location: Less than 1 mile southeast of the Iron Creek Campground on NF-76 on the bank of the Iron Creek river.
Amenities: none. Steep entrance. 
Size: Truck campers, vans, cars only. No turnaround for trailers at the end during the winter. Small parking lot for a few cars/trucks.
Number of campsites: multiple campsites nearby.
Seasons: 4-season

It was actively snowing as we snaked our truck and the Vandring Snigel (our pop up truck camper) along the roads at the foothill of Mount St. Helens. As we drove into the National Forest, we passed two trucks coming out. One was a police officer who gave us more specific instructions on how to find the dispersed campsite. We passed the Iron Creek Campground and took a left at the crossroads. A few hundred feet down the road we saw another truck setting up camp in a dispersed campsite near the river. We crossed the bridge and then make a hard left into the next dispersed campsite. 

We just added a Life PO4 battery to the Snigel, and we’re happy to report back that it was really great to have heat and electricity for 1 night! Even though the snow kept falling, we were comfy and cozy all night long. (We’ll be adding a few more batteries so that we can stay off the grid longer.)

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