Since January when we bought our popup truck camper, Vandring Snigel (Swedish for Wandering Snail), we’ve started to get a packing rhythm down when we head out on weekend adventures. The purpose of the Snigel (pronounced: sni-GEL) was so that we could quickly and somewhat easily take her out for a few days without focusing too much on the preparations or the take-down at the end. Maximize the adventures, minimize the work. Naturally we’ll keep slimming our processes, but here’s what we’ve got so far!

Stuff we keep stocked in the camper:

  • silverware and large serving spoons
  • plates and bowls (we’ve been doing recycled paper, but eventually we’ll find reusable dishware)
  • a medium 6″ cast iron pan with a pot holder and a lid
  • tea kettle for heating up water
  • a 4 qt. pot and a lid
  • cutting board and knives
  • metal camp cups
  • corkscrew and can opener
  • twisty ties and chip clips
  • scissors
  • 1-2 extra small glass containers with lids (for leftover bacon grease and other small food bits)
  • paper toweling
  • aeropress
  • lighter (for the gas stove, especially)
  • cleaning solution in a spray bottle
  • kitchen soap and scrub brushes
  • a bathroom “medicine cabinet”: tooth powder, toothbrush, floss, contact solution and container, tampons, peppermint oil, deodorant, bandaids, melatonin, cough drops, tweezers, nail clippers, dry shampoo, bar soap, biodegradable wipes, and so on
  • a roll of toilet paper
  • a catch all bin with: matches, scissors, pencil, notepaper, candles, lotion, and other paraphernalia
  • a tiny broom and dustpan
  • a game closet with our favorite board games and card games
  • sheets on the bed (we wash and return after most trips)
  • duvet, duvet cover, and 2 pillows
  • sleeping bag and extra blanket
  • 4 throw pillows (too many, but they were just sitting in storage anyway…)
  • 1 fuzzy throw blanket
  • face towels
  • bath towels
  • kitchen towels
  • essential oil diffuser (this is important, it keeps the air from drying out too much at night and, as much as I love the smell of fresh bacon, the diffuser makes the camper smell like something other than left over breakfast smells)
  • tripod

Most of these items we found at thrift stores or they were a duplicate that we had laying around the house.

Clothing we keep in the camper:

  • swimsuit
  • slippers
  • water shoes
  • a wool fire cape
  • puffy jackets (ok, this is on our list. It’s not out there yet.)

Food we keep stocked in the camper:

  • coffee
  • tea bags
  • fermented cacao (for hot chocolate)
  • sugar-free marshmallows (for hot chocolate)
  • single-use honey sticks
  • avocado oil
  • butter
  • salt, pepper, herbs
  • nut butter packs
  • EPIC bars
  • and anything else we leave when we finish for the weekend

Stuff we pack for a 2 night weekend:

  • a cooler full of food: a quart of stew, 6 eggs, bacon, any left over vegetables from our home fridge gets chopped up and put in a plastic bag to be used for breakfast, salad or sandwhich/wrap fixings for lunch, seasonal fruit, 2 half full frozen water bottles as icepacks. Once we get in the camper, we usually leave the food in the cooler and park the cooler outside; it’s been cold enough to do this. The next thing we want to try is to put all the food in the camper refrigerator with 3-4 ice water bottles and treat the whole refrigerator as though it’s a cooler, which it is essentially just a cooler since we haven’t figured out how to turn it on yet.
  • UBoom speaker
  • camera (or just our phones…)
  • projector and iPad (if we want to watch a movie)
  • insulated camp cups (hot drinks for the road!)
  • bottles of water
  • clothing and hiking shoes for the weekend all get packed into a laundry bin for transport, and the laundry bin is then used as a dirty clothes hamper

Because we keep the camper stocked, it really doesn’t take too much packing the day we leave in order to travel and do our adventures in style. I hope you enjoyed this list of mine as much as I enjoyed writing it. 🙂

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