Location: Cyrus Horse Camp in Jefferson County, Oregon (use Google Maps, not Apple’s map)
Amenities: pit toilet. Horse stalls.
Size: Large enough for all vehicles, the campground is one big turnaround.
Number of campsites: multiple campsites nearby.
Seasons: 4-season

We got to the campsite after dark in March and quickly parked our truck on the flattest spot we could find. It wasn’t a very flat spot but we didn’t want to disturb our friend, who was already tucked in for the night in her vehicle. We spent 2 nights at this campground and saw just a few trucks come and go. One of these passerbys was kind enough to leave a roll of toilet paper in the toilet. During the day, we hiked at the nearby Smith Rock and spent the afternoon in Bend, Oregon. At night, we raided the free cut firewood pile, chopped it up smaller and built a fire. We drank hot chocolate and enjoyed the vast sky and all the twinkling stars and some space trash.

We returned the Amazon Life PO4 battery because once we drained the battery, we had no way to recharge it. So we bought an American-Made Battle Born lithium battery and it lasted was much better.

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